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One of America's Most Haunted Houses:  The Whaley House in San Diego, CA  (Click the image above to explore)

Haunted History Research Project

Due:  Friday, October 31st 


This research project is a cross-curricular activity exposing you to some of the historical regions you will be studying this year in history, while also completing our "Monster Storytelling" unit in English.   
You will complete this research project independently.  No portion of this project will be done in class so be prepared to work on it all month!

To get you in the right frame of mind and to create a SPOOKTACULAR mood, click the image below.

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World
Click on the image

Take a peek at the 25 Creepiest Places on Earth...
If you dare!


Part 1:  History and Storytelling -- Fact or Fiction?

Step 1:  Your ghost hunting quest takes you to regions you will explore this year in History.

Choose a "Haunted Region" you're curious about and research ghost stories unique to the area.

      • Italy 
      • Africa
      • China
      • Japan
      • Other European countries (England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, etc.) 


Step 2:  Begin searching for "Haunted Places in __________"

      • While doing your internet search, you may want to be specific.  Ex.  "Haunted Castles in England"


Step 3:  Now that you have narrowed down and reserved your "Haunted Site" in class, print out two different internet resource sites you will use for your information.  Make sure you choose the best articles with the most information about your location.  (You MUST have the exact website/URL of the exact page you are gathering from.)

Step 4:  Read your research information for the following:

        • Location details (Continent/Country/City)
        • Historical backgroud (Why does this place exist?  Who lived there?  What was if used for? etc...)
        • Specific details about ghostly experiences related to that location.  (What has been seen, felt, heard by witnesses?  Who do people believe is doing the haunting?  Why do they believe the hauntings are taking place?)


Check Google Drive Classroom to get the Newspaper template or request a copy via email or USB drive. You may also use the template link below but make sure you revise this section to match the example of what we covered in class.

click here to download file



Part II:  Oral Traditions Meet the Written Word!
Pulling your research together:

Step I:  

Using your information from Part I above, begin creating your Haunted Newspaper about your site.  Make sure use the link to the Newspaper template given here!  Don't forget you need to save the document to your computer or it will all disappear like a ghost!

Include the details of the following areas in your Newspaper layout:

Geographical Description:  

Using the Google Maps link Write a geographical description of your location that includes the following: Include the following: -location on earth -exact latitudes and longitudes -surrounding areas -wildlife -important cities Also, make sure you giving directions to travel to this haunted site from Sycamore Junior High.  If I wanted to travel there, how would I get there from Anaheim.  Give detailed/specific directions and don't get me lost.  Include different modes of transportation, important land formations, bodies of water and points of interest I might see along the way. 

Historical Background:  

Explain in solid writing the historical significance of the place. Why does this place exist?  Who lived there?  What was it used for? etc... 

Ghostly Stories:  

It's time for you to spook your readers.  Explain in detail ghostly stories related to the location based on your research. What has been seen, felt, heard by witnesses?  Who do people believe is doing the haunting?  Why do they believe the hauntings are taking place? 

My Opinion:  

You are the expert on this location and the stories related to it.  Explain your opinion about the possibilities of it being haunted based on what you've read.

Works Cited/Bibliography:  

Now that you're done, you need to give credit to the authors of your research.  Use the link below to help you with this process.  (This is why you can't copy and paste into a word document -- You'll be missing critical information.)  You need all of the information from your printed pages.  Review the steps we covered in class.

Google Map it!

Using this link find directions from Sycamore Junior High School to your Haunted Location.  Once you plug in your locations the map will generate for you.  Please print this out and attach it to your Haunted Newspaper!

Click here to open Newspaper Template. Don't forget you need to save it to you computer!

Did you include a works cited/bibliography page?
Click here to help you with proper citation!


Before you turn it in make sure you have the following:
  • Make sure you have a fictional autobiographical reporter introduction and a picture of yourself (not me).  This is how I will know it belongs to you!
  • Create original titles for your newspaper -- make sure each title is written correctly with proper capitalization.  I don't want to see my titles from the template.

  • Type your information for the following newspaper sections in the appropriate space on your layout.  If you run out of room you may reduce the size of your font. You may fill in any free space with creative information of your choosing -- additional stories about your location, funny advertising for things related to your topic, etc...
  • Geographical Description
  • Historical Background of the Site
  • Ghostly Tales
  • My Opinion
  • Works Cited:  A list of URL links used during research
  • Two Printed articles 



Check out the following links below for more thrills and chills!  
***If you come across any cool and/or scary sites you think the class would like, please copy and paste the URL into the email box on my home page so we can check it out!


Interested in ghostly experiences of celebrities?
Click the image to watch a few!

Click here for Haunted Locations, Haunted Places, Haunted Houses, etc.

Haunted Places in the UK

Haunted Places in Other Countries

Haunted Places Directory

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Enfield Poltergeist (YouTube Video)

The Most Haunted Cemeteries in the World! Remember, you can't do your project on any location in the United States. Check the assignment regions on the project webpage. Scroll to the bottom of the page once you click the link to see some really cool stuff!

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